Sunday, December 21, 2014

How to Handle Wedding Programs (Day #21)

I have met several couples over my career that do not have ushers or hostesses to pass out wedding programs prior to the start of the ceremony.  They are always left with that dreaded question, what to do with those wedding programs?  Now understand, having a program ISN'T a "must have", but when they are not available, you'll find some guests questioning or walking around looking for one.  So how might you resolve this problem without laying the wedding programs on a non-descript table?
  • Place a decorative basket near the ceremony entryway and place the programs in there
  • Place a program on each chair or every other chair prior to the start of the ceremony
  • Create one large program and have it positioned on an easel near the ceremony entryway
Until tomorrow...WEDologize!

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