Thursday, July 28, 2011

Take a Sip From This Glass

Decorating your reception tablescapes, you should consider every part of the experience...from the plates they are eating on to the napkins in which they wipe their hands. I realize that most couples spend their reception budgets on the centerpieces leaving little money for decorative china, flatware and stemware. But should a little something be left in the budget, consider jazzing up the tables with colored drinking glasses for that additional punch of color.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Holding The Bouquet

Brides spend plenty of time making sure the flowers that make up their wedding bouquet are just as perfect as their dream gown. But you want to make sure that you select the most flattering "holder" for your hand-tied wedding bouquet.

After alterations, you may have some material left over. Give that to your florist and allow them to make a wrap for your bouquet. Stones, similar to your gown, could be added as embellishments.

For the bride with an old Hollywood or vintage style, consider using a mussy tussy as a bouquet holder. This unique holder comes with a holder for the bouquet to sit in once the couple is seated at the reception.

For the bride who wants the stems exposed, consider a unique ribbon and brooch to add flair to your bouquet or dual colors tied in a unique design.

The jeweled bouquet cuff has to be my favorite and adds elegance and major drama to a beautiful wedding bouquet.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Jazzing Up Envelopes

I love wedding invitations and what they represent...a couple inviting family and friends to witness and celebrate their first day as husband and wife. But let's not forget that envelope in which the invitation is being mailed. Outside of hand calligraphy or digital calligraphy to address the envelopes, what can you use to jazz up your invitation "packaging"?

Consider an envelope liner in the color(s) of your invitation suite. They can be order from your stationery designer or even created by you as a DIY project.

If you have to use a label to address your invitations, how about a whimsical wrap that shows the guests name and address on the front and wraps around to the back with your return address.
How about a label to close the envelope and a matching postage stamp on the front. I love the coordination!

Or the elegance of a custom created wax seal to close your wedding invitation envelope.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Garter and Bouquet Toss Alternatives

Over the last few years, I've come across couples that do not want the garter toss or the bouquet toss as apart of their reception timeline. No problem in my eyesight because sometimes the shenanigans that go on with those relays could be left for a less traditional atmosphere :) So if you have no single ladies or men in the crowd, what could you do to fill in that space. Check out my suggestions below:

Married Couples Dance
I simply LOVE when this is added to the reception entertainment! This is the moment when all the married couples come on the dance floor and the count down begins to see who's been married the longest. Of course the newlyweds are the 1st to leave the dance floor since they have been married the least amount of time. But it's so wonderful to see the longevity and inspiration of marriage when the DJ asks who's been married 40 years or less and there's still several couples on the dance floor. The winning couple takes a picture with the guests of honor and sometimes are presented with a token of love from the new Mr. and Mrs.

Newlywed Game
This is when the newly married couple is put on the spot...literally right in the middle of the dance floor and asked a series of questions to see if they both agree with the answers. Standing back to back, the couple raises their hands to denote the answers to the questions and hopefully they both answer correctly. The guests really cheer when they don't :)

Honoring the Matriarch and Patriarch
This is such a beautiful gesture from the newlyweds. They ask the Matriarch of their families to the dance floor and present them with a small bouquet of flowers and the Patriarch is presented with a gift card. The honor and appreciate goes a long way and I can almost guarantee tears for joy not only from the couple, but from family members as well.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Ice Cream Love

In honor of July being National Ice Cream Month and July 17th being National Ice Cream Day...I salute of my favorite year-round treats!!!

A sundae bar would make a GREAT interactive treat for your wedding reception guests.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

It Was Truly A Cocktail Hour!

Most couples will have a cocktail hour prior to dinner service for their wedding. This is the time when your guests get to mingle and socialize after your wedding ceremony. Appetizers are plentiful and the bar is open. Guests may be enjoying the entertainment provided, a slide show you may have prepared or grabbing their escort card...but don't forget a true cocktail that gives a hint of your personality.

I've sat through tons of tastings and the bar always seems to be the detail that's left unfinished. Either you select the standard, top-shelf or premium and the conversation moves on. But how about setting up a station or creating a signature drink that will "WOW" your guests.

The signature drink.

A fresh fruit juice or lemonade stand. Alcohol or non-alcohol.

A twist on the Jello shot.

Your favorite soda served with a straw. I love some Coke!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Hidden Fees and Costs

Today I want to talk a little about budget and some of the "hidden" wedding costs you are overlooked when creating your wedding budget.

  • Make sure deliver fees are included in the quote and that you are aware of them before signing the contract. Consider paying for delivery of rental items; catering and alcohol; wedding cake; and florals and decor.

  • Depending on the time of year you are getting married the coat check may need to be open and attended.

  • Ask the reception venue about cake cutting fees for cakes brought into their establishment or if there is a fee for wrapping up cake for guests to take home versus serving it as dessert.

  • Some hotels will charge for the delivery of welcome bags regardless if they are distributed at the front desk when guests check-in or if they are delivered to their room.

  • When budgeting for wedding invitations...don't forget the cost of postage to mail them. Typically it's $.61 stamp to mail the entire ensemble and $.44 stamp for the reply card envelope. But it's always best to have a completely assembled wedding invitation weighed before purchasing.

Until next time...WEDologize!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's In Her Bridal Bag

Sometime during wedding day, I'm possession of the bride's clutch or purse. This dainty bag holds the personals of the bride for her very special day...but she must select carefully as these "purses" are typically small and held easily in the hand. Below I've made some suggestions on what to include:
A bride MUST have her favorite lipstick or lip gloss on hand to keep her lips lush. I'm a lover of Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss. The shines lasts for hours and so does the yummy flavor.

Keep a few blotting sheets like these you can purchase at Sephora to remove the shine from your face and give you that matte complexion for photographs.

A bride should carry a trial or travel size of the perfume they are wearing on wedding day. With all the hugs, her wonderful fragrance is bound to wear off.

Along with your lip gloss, put a mirrored make-up compact in your clutch to re-touch your make-up after all the hugs and kisses.

And to wipe away those tears of joy and affection, a handkerchief looks much better than a ball of tissue.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yummy Fourth of July Dessert!

I'm sneaking this blog post in today because tomorrow I honestly plan on relaxing :) I know many of my readers are going to celebrate the holiday with family & friends, and food and drinks will play a major role. I found this awesome summer dessert on Bakers Royale that would make any strawberry-loving ADULT smile with glee. Enjoy!

Fourth of July Crème Filled Strawberries ~ Get patriotic with these adult easy red, white and blue dessert for your 4th of July barbeque or picnic. These vodka infused whip cream strawberries are the perfect way to enjoy a cocktail dessert!

4th of July Creme Filled Strawberries
No recipe just a few notes for this fast and easy dessert. A few notes:

  • Hull your strawberries and cut the bottom tips for a flat edge.

  • Add two tablespoons of vodka to every cup of whip cream.

  • Fill hulled strawberries with whip cream. I cheated and actually used Reddi Whip.

  • Toss the blueberries in an apricot sauce.

  • Top crème filled strawberries with blueberries.

  • Of course for an alcohol free version omit the vodka.
And I believe this dessert would be wonderful served or on display at a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner!

Until next time...WEDologize!


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