Sunday, March 22, 2015

Real Wedding: Larissa and Eric

As I start having more design meetings with clients to discuss linens, flowers and decor, I'm noticing that many couples are loving the blend of ivory, shades gold and blush pink.  With that said, I thought it fitting to share one of our real weddings from 2014 that delighted in those beautiful colors at The Murphy Auditorium Chicago.

Take a look...

The newly married Mr. and Mrs.

King-style table with the bride, groom, and their wedding party
Stunning wedding cake created by BomBon Bakery.
Sparkly linens from BBJ Linens.

End this fabulous wedding night with a sparkler exit!
Congrats again Mr. and Mrs. Carlton!!! 
It was an honor to be apart of your wedding day!

Until next time...WEDologize!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mail Handling Your Wedding Invitations

Let’s assume that you have already ordered your invitations and you now have your invitation mock or print proof.  

What you should do with that proof (after making sure that all the information is correct, of course) is mail it to yourself.  Take the proof to the post office, ask someone to run it over the scales and through the sorters to find out the postage costs. Buy that amount of postage, and mail it to yourself that day.  Track the number of days it takes to arrive and see what condition the envelope is in when it comes to your home.  Only after you are satisfied with the receipt and condition should you purchase postage for the total number of invitations you will be mailing.

Some glossary terms that will help you in the process are listed below.  Final tips and tricks will wrap up this Method Monday at the end of our post…
  • Postage - the total monetary value of the stamps placed on the outside envelope to guarantee delivery to the addressee or recipient. 
  • Weight - the amount of ounces the total invitation envelope measures on a calibrated postal scale.
  • First Class Postage – the current cost for mailing a ‘regular’ size 1-ounce or less envelope.  Currently that is $ .44 cents.  It is not scheduled to increase in 2011.  It is also the current value of any forever stamp.
  • Non Machineable - the categorization of an envelope that is not able to be run through the postal machines.  Anything that is too rigid, too thick or not the right shape will be considered non-machineable.  The extra fee for a non-machineable envelope is $ .21 cents
  • Square - an envelope that is the same size on both edges.  The extra fee that is paid for a square envelope is THE SAME FEE that you will pay if your invitation is too rigid to sort.
  • Oversize - any envelope whose larger edge is greater than 6 ¼” wide.  There is an extra fee for an oversize envelope.
  • Additional Postage - the amount in excess of $ .49 to mail an invitation.  Additional ounces and non-machineable fees are considered additional postage. 
  • Hand Cancelling - means having the person behind the counter use a rubber stamp to mark the postage as ‘spent.’  It WILL NOT prevent your invitation from being sent through the sorting machines.
  • Minimum mailing size - the size that a piece of mail must be in order to be legally mailable.  Currently that size is 3 ½” by 5”
  • Postcard - a single card printed with information on one side and an address on the other.  It must be a certain thickness and size to be mailable, and it costs less than first-class regular postage.  The maximum size for a postcard is 4” x 6”  Currently, the postcard costs $ .34 to mail
  • Hand Sorting - the process by which small packages are run through the postal system.  This is not the same as hand cancelling.  Hand sorting goes into a different bin at the post office.  If you want an envelope to be hand sorted – you will have to pay the non-machineable fees.
While there are several more intricacies of the US Postal Service and their categories, extra fees and additional services, this information will give you a beginning postal primer.  What to keep in mind when mailing (and sometimes when ordering) your invitations is that the general or average weight of an invitation ensemble is between 1.7 and 2.5 ounces. The first ounce is $.49 and each additional ounce will cost $.21 each.  Most pocket invitations are considered too rigid for the sorting machines, so there will be another $.21 fee.  But that also covers a square invitation, so size won’t be an obstacle when you order.

If you pay the $.21 non machineable fee, be sure to give your invitations to a person to have them HAND SORTED, not hand cancelled.  The process of hand sorting ensures that a person not a machine looks at them each step of the way.  When taking them to the counter, use the phrase “Put these with the spurs and small packages.”  It should  ensure that they are delivered to your guests in pristine condition.  Boxed invitations are considered small packages and postage costs are based upon weight and classification.

These tips and tricks should help your invitations get to their destination as pretty as they were the day they were picked up from the stationer.  Overall, if you choose to have a completely custom invitation created for you, then the additional postage costs to ensure they are gorgeous when put into your friends’ and families’ mailboxes will be small in comparison to the reduction in worry about how the post office will handle your invitations.

Thank you to Kasey Larson of DBY Invitations for allowing us to post this very informative article!!!

Until next time...WEDologize!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dejanae Events Named Best of The Knot 2015

I'm so excited to share for the 6th time, 5th time in a row, that Dejanae Events has been named 2015 Pick The Knot Best of Weddings!!!  With our 6th win the DE Team remains apart of The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame!!! WOW!
From The Knot:  "CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING CHOSEN AS ONE OF THE BEST in the City (we knew it all along)!  WOW! Enjoy bragging rights and proof that you are considered tops in the Chicago wedding market by our brides!  ONLY 1 % of our vendors won this award for 2014. You are in the top 1%, the best of the best! It’s time to showcase your business and BRAND yourself as a Knot Best of Weddings winner! 

As you know, winning this year was much harder and more competitive than ever before. I have far less winners this year and YOU DID IT!  This is YOUR TIME TO SHINE!" 

Thank you to our 2014/2015 clients for your lovely reviews and allowing Dejanae Events to be apart of one of the most memorable days of your lives!  We share this honor with you!!! xoxo
Until next time...WEDologize!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wedding Trends for 2015

Very excited to share our guest blog post for Bride Appeal.  Kathy, the mastermind behind Bride Appeal, has allowed me to share some of my predicted trends for the 2015 wedding season.  From copper being the new wedding medal to calligraphy making a grand comeback, I can see couples not only incorporating one, but maybe a few of these ideas into their wedding planning.

Check out the complete blog post at  And let me know some of the trends you see for this wedding season.

Until next time...WEDologize!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello Matrimony Monday 2015

Well first...congrats on your engagement!!!  What does Matrimony Monday mean?  Well with the most engagements happening between the Christmas and New Year holiday, the Monday after New Year's Day is believed to be the most popular planning day for newly engaged couples.  So of course, I need to be apart of the planning and education :)

If you follow our blog, during the entire month of December 2014, I wrote a blog everyday as I shared all things wedding and inspiration.  Below is the link to all 31 blog posts of #31Days of Blogging that I know will help you as you start to navigate through planning your wedding.
  1. Pop of Color for the Bouquet
  2. Photography After the Ceremony
  3. Popular Low Centerpiece Options
  4. Uncooperative Wedding Day Weather
  5. Photographing Wedding Rings
  6. Right Before You Walk Down the Aisle
  7. Along Time on Wedding Day
  8. Father of The Groom and Wedding Planning
  9. It's All On The Menu
  10. The Mirrored Effect Partyscape
  11. The First Look
  12. Toasting The Happy Couple
  13. Taking Care of Your Jewelry
  14. Color of the Year 2015
  15. Frosting Your Wedding Cake
  16. Guest RSVPing and Food Allergies
  17. Do Not Eliminate Your Gift Registry
  18. Dancing With Your Sweetheart
  19. Holiday Gifts for Newlyweds
  20. Changing Your Name
  21. How To Handle Wedding Programs
  22. Wedding Morning Formula
  23. "Pick a Seat" Ceremony
  24. Out of State Wedding Party
  25. Happy Holidays!
  26. Reception Bar Basics
  27. Lounge Furniture 101
  28. Receiving Line of Not
  29. An Untouched Ceremony Aisle
  30. Table Number Misconception
  31. Best of 2014 Dejanae Events Style
Until next time...WEDologize!

(photo credit - Robyn Photography)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Best of 2014 Dejanae Events Style (Day #31)

I'm so thankful for the wonderful 2014 wedding and event season!!!  I have worked with some of the most amazing Chicago and national vendors.  Now having been in business 14 1/2 years, I'd like to say I've seen and done almost everything, but that wouldn't be the case because every couple leaves me open to learning more. 

I am so honored to have been asked by newspapers, blogs and magazines for articles, quotes and even to bring my Partyscape vision to life.  I'm honored to have worked with Diann Valentine for 6-weeks of the summer as the Lead Event Producer on one of her fabulous weddings and to be the Transportation and Logistics Manager of Nike's World Basketball Festival.  I am so honored to now hold Best of Weddings by The Knot in the wedding coordinator category for 6 years and to be apart of their Hall of Fame.  Wow!  And last I'm honored to have the most amazing team of professionals who have had my back.

To my past and 2014 my vendor friends...and to my amazing family, I toast to you as this year and series of blog post comes to an end.  The year 2014 was great BUT 2015 will be EPIC!!!

Until tomorrow...WEDologize!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Table Number Misconception (Day #30)

Honestly, in my opinion, it is not an option to opt out of having tables numbers on your reception tables.  They are soooooooooo important for the organization and seating of your wedding guests.  But every now and then, I get the very creative couples that want to name their wedding tables in place of using actual numbers.  Now although the idea truly adds a signature style to your wedding theme, it does make it a little difficult for your wedding planner, caterer and sometimes even your guests to locate their seats.

Picture this...the reception room is dimly lit with candles and/or up lighting and you have 100+ guests trying to find a table name written in a fancy font.  It's going to take a bit longer than if you used a number.  Plus numbers are what the caterers see most often so it makes the service run smoother.  But should you desire a table name, consider adding a number just below (or above) the name to avoid any confusion.

Until tomorrow...WEDologize!

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