Sunday, December 7, 2014

Alone Time on Wedding Day (Day #7)

So should you want a little private time with your new spouse, consider doing the following...or planning this time into the wedding day schedule:

  • Right after you have exited the ceremony, dash off to one of the dressing rooms for about 10-15 minutes instead of staying with your bridal party. While the ushers are exiting guests out of the church, you and your spouse can share a tender moment and talk about when you first looked into each other's eyes during the ceremony.

  • During cocktails, make a brief exit and walk around the grounds of the reception venue or stand out on the balcony absorbing the day.

  • And after you have greeted your guests at their tables, when it's time to freshen up, ask your spouse to come along...I'm sure he'd enjoy helping.

Until tomorrow...WEDologize

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