Friday, December 19, 2014

Easy Holiday Gift for Newlyweds (Day #19)

With only a few days left before Christmas, and not really wanting to blog about the Christmas trees, I was thinking of ways wedding guests can record well-wishes for the couple.

I stumbled upon a company called Write A Wish Ornament a few years ago and thought this would be the perfect keepsake for the newlyweds! Using your wedding colors or theme, create small pieces of paper with the following statement at the top...

"This is my wish for you"

...and leave a blank line underneath so that the guests can write a meaningful statement. Once you get back from your honeymoon, place the UNREAD pieces of paper into the ornament(s), hang on your holiday tree, and on Christmas morning, open together as a couple and read. It will certainly give you clarity about the season and allow you to reflect once again on your very special wedding day!

Until next tomorrow...WEDologize!

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