Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not Your Ordinary "Bar"

When you think of "bars" at wedding receptions and social events, you probably are thinking about wine, champagne, mixed drinks and fancy glasses.  Well today's blog will give you a different viewpoint when it comes to "bars" and how they can be used creatively in some fun over-the-top ways.

Champagne & Strawberries Bar
Infused Water Bar
Donut Bar
Mashed Potato Bar
Waffle Bar
Yogurt Bar

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(photo credits: Champagne & Strawberries -; Mashed Potato Bar -; Waffle Bar -; Donut Bar -; Infused Water -; Yogurt Bar -

Monday, February 24, 2014

Unplugging Your Wedding

I was working a wedding this weekend with one of my favorite photography companies and was asked by one of the photographers had I ever coordinated an "Unplugged Wedding"?  Well, yes I have.  But what does that really mean?

An "Unplugged Wedding" is when a couple asks guests to check their cameras and smartphones at the door.  Meaning...allow the photographers to capture all of the ceremony and reception activities while you...the guest...enjoys the wedding.  Then once the photos are edited and ready, the couple will send you a link to relive their wedding day and purchase some of your favorite pics.  See an "Unplugged Wedding" ensures the photographer is able to capture the best moments, especially of the ceremony, without guests jumping in front of them with a camera, iPhone or a large iPad running the shot.

Check out some of the ways you can announce an "Unplugged Wedding":

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is here!  I always get excited about this holiday.  Not for all the love, but because my favorite color is red and V-Day showcases the color perfectly!!!  Oh and it's also 1 of the 3 biggest days to become engaged.  With that said, I'm sharing a little wedding inspiration with you on this LOVE holiday! Enjoy...

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(Photo credits: Champagne - Catch My Party: Gown - Victor Harper; Bouquet - Kate Parker Designs; Cake - Perez Photography; Shoes - The Knotty Bride)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Limiting Your Wedding Guests

This blog isn't about the basic information you need to print on your Reply Card.  Please visit this blog post for some of the unique ways to design that card.  This blog will talk about the "new" etiquette rule you may see popping up on RSVP Cards.

I get asked by many couples, "How can we limit how many guests a person can bring to the wedding reception?"  Etiquette has always stated that however the invitation envelope is addressed (Mr. & Mrs.; You + a Guest; only You) is how you should respond.  But how do you get this across to those that might not be familiar with this "rule"?

Outside of having your parents mention to invited guests that the guest count is limited, you could also consider adding the phrase you see above to your Reply Card - "We have reserved_____seats in your honor" or " ___seats have been reserved in your honor" - and write in the number invited.

Now this idea isn't for everyone...especially the more traditional couple.  But if you are truly concerned about maintaining control of your guest count this option may be for you.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Dressing Those "Other" Reception Tables

When it's time to discuss linens for your wedding or event with the catering or banquet manager, the main focus tends to be the guest tables and head or sweetheart table.  These tables, along with the centerpiece, become the main focus for reception shots capturing the details of your wedding.  But in tying to create a cohesive environment, don't forget the other tables within the reception space.  Take a look at the list of those "other" tables:

Below are tables that you don't want to forget to cover at your wedding reception or event.  Although these tables can use a less expensive linen, you want to make sure they still match and work within the enviornment you are creating.
  • Cocktail - hiboys and cabaret tables
  • Buffet or Station tables
  • Escort Card table
  • Gift table
  • Cake table
  • Sweet and Dessert tables
  • Coffee and Tea station tables
  • Bars
  • DJ table
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(photo credit - Rush Event Photography and Videography Productions)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WGC Partyscape - Urban Tranquility

I decided when selected to do a 2013-1014 Partyscape for Wedding Guide Chicago that I wanted to do something completely out of the norm for my company.  Many...actually most of our clients are traditional in ceremony and scream modern, elegance for their reception.  So with that said, I could never get my arm completely around using natural elements and the rustic motif.  So I decided to challenge my thought process and created...URBAN TRANQUILITY.  Take a peek:

Special thanks to the vendors that pulled this design together.  Working with each of you was truly a great experience!

Photography & Location:
Kevin Kuster, Creator Photography
Floral Design:
Elegant Petal
Invitations & Favors:
Carol Woldhuis Designs
Elysia Root Cakes
Tableware, Linens & Chairs:
Classic Party Rentals
Ken Plikhuhn, Wedding Connections

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