Monday, June 17, 2013

RSVP for My Wedding, Please!

Respond cards, as know as RSVP cards and Reply Cards, are included with the wedding invitation and are VERY important!  This is the one resource to gaining the guest count and entree selections for your wedding day.  With some couples wanting a more traditional format and other couples wanting a modern approach, there is not right or wrong way to word the reply card.  You need to include the basics - a reply date, a line for the guest(s) name and if they will or will not attend.  Outside of that...the rest is up to you and the information you need to obtain for the reception venue's final count.

This RSVP card showcases the basic, traditional information you will need to receive from your invited guests.

A traditional RSVP format, but it also includes information for guests to chose their entree.
Same as a above, but with modern flair. Instead of writing out the entree options, this reply card used pictures.
This respond card is fun by giving you more than "Can Attend" or "Cannot Attend".

This RSVP card gives you a bit more a becomes more of a keepsake by having guests complete the sentences.

For additional ideas on wording your RSVP card, visit

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(photo credits - RSVP Card #2RSVP Card #1; RSVP Card #5; RSVP Card #3; RSVP Card #4)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Next Chapter Is 40!

Today's blog post will be simple because I'm taking a few days off to celebrate my life as I turn 40 today!  I invite all my readers to celebrate with me today with some cake (see below) and a glass of "something tasty" to wet your palette (see below).  Then I'm going to open my birthday gifts and end this blog with some fireworks.

Delish cake from
Nothing beats a celebration than a pink drink and a haute pink shoe!

I sure hope there is a diamond in this box! LOL!
Yeah!!! Happy 40th Birthday to me!!!

Until next time...40 is the New 20 and WEDologize!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

CSW: Pops of Color

Much of your wedding design and decor is based on the color palette you select early on in the wedding planning process.  Chicago Style Weddings invited me to give some advice on choosing your wedding color scheme.  Take a look:

Desiree' Moore Dent of Dejanae Events agrees and has seen grey paired "especially with hues of yellow, green, and blue."  Dent also has seen purple and teal, "giving [Pantone's 2012 Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango] a run for it's money!"

You can view the entire article and others in Chicago Style Weddings eMagazine at

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Friday, June 7, 2013

...I Found It, You Pin It...Friday!

Not only am I in love with the soft white look of this GORGEOUS reception and the daintiness of the chair coverings and centerpieces.  But what really does it for is that POP of TIFFANY BLUE on each guest's chair in the form of a gift! So thoughtful and who doesn't love that "blue" box?!?!?

Until next time...PIN IT and WEDologize!

(photo credit: | A Brit & A Blonde)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CSW: Cues to Kiss

Kisses from the newly married couple during the wedding reception truly gets the guests excited!  So when Chicago Style Weddings asked me to give a few ideas on ways to incorporate this "tradition" into the wedding reception festivities, that was easy. Check out the suggestions I made within the article:

"You will still hear clanking of the glasses at a lot of receptions because that is the known tradition for getting the bride and groom to kiss," says Desiree' Moore Dent of Dejanae Events. But she offers some "alternatives to avoid breaking your water glass," such as ringing mini bells or hiring a "fun DJ that gets the guests involved and randomly stops the music and shouts out 'kiss'!"

You can view the entire article and others in Chicago Style Weddings eMagazine at

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