Saturday, December 3, 2011

To Have and To Hold Your Bouquet (Day#3)

Most of the wedding ceremony you will be holding your beautiful bouquet, but what happens to it once all the photos are done and the reception begins?  I mean it is a costly piece and you don't want to have it laying around all night.  Assign it a task as well.

Have a vase at your sweetheart or head table with just a little water at the bottom to cover the stems.  Place your bouquet in the vase and watch it double as a beautiful table centerpiece. You could also consider placing your wedding bouquet on the cake table or dessert table should you already have a head table arrangement. And should you really want to make a dramatic statement, have vases for your bridesmaids scattered on the head table for their bouquets.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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