Thursday, December 29, 2011

We All Like a Good Beverage! (Day#29)

When you think of beverages for a wedding reception or event, I'm almost positive that the bar comes to mind.  Stocked with premium liquor, beer, wine, soda and juice, this is usually the first stop guests make once they arrive to the venue.  But consider for a moment, a twist on the bar and create a beverage station for your guests to enjoy before the marriage ceremony, during cocktails or later into the night. The station could include almost anything from fruit infused water to your favorite specialty/signature drink.  Add some nice linen, classy drinking glasses and watch your guests enjoying themselves as they relieve their thirst :)

The options are limitless when personalizing your event to showcase your style...and taste in beverages!

A lovely display of punch and spritzers

Lemonade has never looked so elegant

Waters infused with fruit alongside some brightly-colored cocktails

Not your standard martini station

Until next time...WEDologize!

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