Thursday, December 22, 2011

Napkin Grandeur (Day#22)

I've talked about napkins before in past posts about certain folds and adding embellishments so they'd pop on dinner plates.  But today's post will focus on some of my favorite folds...folds that are timeless and elegant for any style reception.  Now it's funny, my passion for napkins, but they play a major roll on the tablescape.  This simple square-shaped piece of material can add grandeur to any place setting.  Take a look:

Elongated fold on top of charger for long style menu card

Bow tie fold with the place card above the plate

Elegant pocket fold with a rose accent

Triple-fold that looks lovely with or without a menu card

***Side note - all napkin folds were apart of the designs I created along w/ the Flossmoor Country Club staff for their Open House this past November.

Until next time...WEDologize!

(Photo credit: Rush Event Photography and Video Productions)


  1. Cute... So is the little mountain style/fold dated now? :-)

  2. I'm going to personally say yes, the tent/mountain fold is dated. But I will use it if that's the only option the venue can provide w/o charging my clients. But you know I'll hurt someone if I see a napkin in a water glass!!! LOL!

  3. Very cute ideas! Definetely, adds more interest to the tables!



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