Friday, December 23, 2011

Playing...Name That Drink! (Day#23)

I love when my couples select a signature drink for their reception bar.  There are times when they put the concoction together or ask for a little assistance from me or the bartender.  Either way is fine because you can find tons or recipes online (I'll save that for a later blog) to match your wedding colors and theme.  But what are you going to name this fabulous creation you'll be serving guests?  I've listed some quirky, but fun name ideas below:

Blushing Bride - would make a GREAT name for a pink drink
First Kiss - sexy name for a red-colored drink
Honeymoon Awaiting - for a fun loving orange or yellow-colored drink,
especially nice if the couple is going somewhere warm for their honeymoon
Apple of My Eye - would be an awesome name for an apple-flavored martini
Love is in the Air - for a blue-colored drink reminiscent of the sky
Sealed with a Kiss - would be a yummy name for a drink flavored with chocolate-liqueur
Wedding Bells - would work nicely if the drink you create is shaking, not stirred
Hot Romance - would be a flirty name for a drink with a little kick to it

...or blend your first names together and/or last name to create your own signature cocktail name!

And after crafting a cute bar menu noting the drink's name and ingredients, don't forget to accent the glass! Rim the glass with colored sugar or caramel, and add a cutesy stirrer or straw for that finishing touch.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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