Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Limiting Your Wedding Guests

This blog isn't about the basic information you need to print on your Reply Card.  Please visit this blog post for some of the unique ways to design that card.  This blog will talk about the "new" etiquette rule you may see popping up on RSVP Cards.

I get asked by many couples, "How can we limit how many guests a person can bring to the wedding reception?"  Etiquette has always stated that however the invitation envelope is addressed (Mr. & Mrs.; You + a Guest; only You) is how you should respond.  But how do you get this across to those that might not be familiar with this "rule"?

Outside of having your parents mention to invited guests that the guest count is limited, you could also consider adding the phrase you see above to your Reply Card - "We have reserved_____seats in your honor" or " ___seats have been reserved in your honor" - and write in the number invited.

Now this idea isn't for everyone...especially the more traditional couple.  But if you are truly concerned about maintaining control of your guest count this option may be for you.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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