Monday, June 17, 2013

RSVP for My Wedding, Please!

Respond cards, as know as RSVP cards and Reply Cards, are included with the wedding invitation and are VERY important!  This is the one resource to gaining the guest count and entree selections for your wedding day.  With some couples wanting a more traditional format and other couples wanting a modern approach, there is not right or wrong way to word the reply card.  You need to include the basics - a reply date, a line for the guest(s) name and if they will or will not attend.  Outside of that...the rest is up to you and the information you need to obtain for the reception venue's final count.

This RSVP card showcases the basic, traditional information you will need to receive from your invited guests.

A traditional RSVP format, but it also includes information for guests to chose their entree.
Same as a above, but with modern flair. Instead of writing out the entree options, this reply card used pictures.
This respond card is fun by giving you more than "Can Attend" or "Cannot Attend".

This RSVP card gives you a bit more a becomes more of a keepsake by having guests complete the sentences.

For additional ideas on wording your RSVP card, visit

Until next time...WEDologize!

(photo credits - RSVP Card #2RSVP Card #1; RSVP Card #5; RSVP Card #3; RSVP Card #4)

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