Monday, June 18, 2012

Accessorizing the Wedding Cake

When selecting your wedding cake, either from a photo or from an actual visit with a cake designer, there are some things that you should consider.  Question - Outside of selecting the cake flavor, filling and decorative frosting, what types of design can be offered to make this cake not only taste good, but look wonderful? So let's think about designing this gorgeous piece of confection from BOTTOM to TOP. 

Your wedding cake will be put on some type of base for easy transport, typically silver or gold, but if you want to give the cake more height, consider placing it up on a decorative cake stand or pedestal.
When selecting the actual design components, will you use fresh flowers or sugar flowers over an actual patterned design?  Both will offer elegance to your cake, but the cost difference is major.  Fresh flowers will always be less in cost than using actual sugar flowers.

How about adding some colored ribbon to your wedding cake tiers?  There are so many variety of ribbons (satin, grosgrain, sheer, wired, etc.) that the options and positioning are limitless.

Now what bride doesn't love a little BLING?  Adding bling to a wedding cake can take on so many different forms...from banding each or every other tier, adding bling brooch details or a burst of bling and crystals shooting out of the top tier.

And as you reach the top tier of the wedding cake, ask I want a topper?  Know that toppers can be all sort of items...a cluster of fresh or sugar flowers, a bride and groom, an initial monogram or almost any thing you can think of.  Check out our blog post devoted to cake toppers.

Last, if your wedding cake isn't going to be served as dessert or sliced and displayed on a dessert buffet, make sure you have some fun packaging for your guests to take their yummy treat home.  Check out how DE suggests you "bag" wedding cake.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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