Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ten Mistakes Couples Make About Money

The recession has put a strain on wedding planning.  But through the engagement process, the idea is to make smart budgetary decisions.  This will certainly alleviate one of the biggest wedding planning problems...STRESS.  Check out the mistakes to avoid making when planning your wedding:
  1. Asking unreliable family members or friends to take on wedding day tasks only to have them botched.
  2. Planning to caterer the wedding and/or bake your wedding cake yourself.
  3. Ordering your wedding gown with the delivery close to your wedding date.  Plan for delays. They do happen.
  4. Hiring the first vendor instead of researching other options.
  5. Not asking for referrals
  6. Waiting to long to book ceremony and/or reception sites and vendors.
  7. Not reading contracts thoroughly.
  8. Making decisions in hast or out of frustration.
  9. Planning too elaborate a wedding for the amount of preparation time or finances.
  10. Being unorganized.
Thanks to Chicago Wedding Resource for such a thoughtful list!

Until next time...WEDologize!

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