Monday, June 25, 2012

Cake For The Groom

I, of course, love a groom's cake!  It's another way for me to place an awesome piece of confection somewhere within the reception environment.  But what is this "groom's cake" idea?  It's a tradition created in the South where the bride would gift her groom a small cake.  The cake would be dark in color... chocolate or liquor-soaked...since the wedding cake was typically white like the gown she was wearing.  Today, you'll see groom's cakes in all kinds of shapes and sizes reflecting the groom's hobbies, lifestyle or career.  Check out some of these pretty cool groom's cakes!

You could display the groom's cake along with the wedding cake during the reception, have it cut and served as dessert or have it displayed on a sweets table.  Also consider serving it at the rehearsal dinner.

Until next time...WEDologize!

(photo credit: tuxedo -; 2 tier cake -; Steelers -; tool belt -; trailer -


  1. Love the 1st Groom's cake! The superman shirt peeking out is awesome!! The last Groom's cake is great too, the detail is beautiful!!! :-D


    1. The 1st groom's cake is my fav, too :)



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