Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcoming 2011!!!

As we prepare to exit 2010 and enter into 2011, I want to say thank you to some VERY important people in my life!
  1. Thank you God for supplying all my needs in 2010. Without You, I would have certainly failed!
  2. Thanks to my 2010 couples!!! This has been one of the most wonderful years in business and I owe so much to my fabulous brides and grooms. I'm truly honored that you allowed Dejanae Events to be apart of your special day!
  3. Thanks to my vendors, old and new! The level of service you have extended my clients was simply impeccable and I could not have accomplished any wedding day without you!
  4. Thanks to my Twitter, Facebook and Blog Community! Having "cyber" met many of you this year, I truly appreciate the support and conversations.
And last but NEVER least, I'm so thankful for the support of my family, friends and Dejanae Events staff! I certainly could not have made it this far without each and everyone of you!!! You all know big things are on the radar with our wedding & social events planning, instructing two certification classes, the release of the "book", and I know you will continue to be by my side through it all. Love you!!!

Blessings everyone and Happy New Year 2011!!!

Until next time...WEDologize!!!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Engaged! Let's Celebrate!!!

You are now engaged and I know you want to shout it to the world, but more importantly, it's a happy time in your life and you want to celebrate! After the phone calls and face-to-face visits have been made, what can you and your fiance' do to announce your desire to say..."I Do".

Consider sending a few of your family and close friends an engagement announcement. Not to get this confused with a Save The Date, the engagement announcement will showcase your names and the date you became engaged, and a photo should you have one available. No information is given about the wedding date because the wedding planning really hasn't begun.

Put an announcement in your local newspaper or online. Many papers welcome engagement and wedding announcements. At minimum it should include: a photo of the happy couple, the date you became engaged and the names of your parents.

You could also have a fun celebration or engagement party. This event is typically hosted by the bride's parents and can be as simple as cake and punch with a toast announcing your formal engagement. This would also be a great opportunity to announce your bridal party should you have already selected them to be in your wedding.

Until next time...WEDologize!

Monday, December 27, 2010

CONGRATS on Your Engagement!

Congratulations on your engagement, Ladies! Now that your fabulous fiancee' has popped the question with the ring you've dreamt about for years, what are the next steps as you venture into the wedding planning arena?
  1. Set the date - Select the date, month and year of your wedding. Of course, the date isn't set in stone until the ceremony and reception venue are booked, but at least you will know the season and a general timeline for your wedding.
  2. Set a budget - Discuss the wedding budget with your fiancee' and both sets of parents to determine who is able to pay for what vendor or what financial contributions they'll be able to provide. This will then help you decide how elaborate of a celebration you are able to host.
  3. Select your wedding party - Now is the time to ask your family members and/or close friends to play specific roles in your wedding. Make sure to select those that are genuinely happy about your engagement to avoid tensions down the line.
  4. Settle on a guest count - Using a spreadsheet and talking with both sets of parents, begin compiling the wedding guest list to include names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
  5. Hire a planner - Should you desire, reach out to planner as soon as you can. This person is a valuable resource when it comes to hiring vendors among their list of many talents.
Before you get stressed about the whole wedding planning process, remember this...over 2 million 1st time engaged couples pull this off each year and you certainly can, too!!!

Until next time...WEDologize!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Ornament Alternative

With only a few days left before Christmas, and not really wanting to blog about the Christmas tree as planned (maybe because mine is still undecorated), I was thinking of ways wedding guests can record well-wishes for the bride and groom.

I stumbled upon a company called Write A Wish Ornament and thought this would be the perfect keepsake for the newlyweds! Using your wedding colors or theme, create small pieces of paper with the following statement at the top...

"This is my wish for you"


...and leave a blank line underneath so that the guests can write a meaningful statement. Once you get back from your honeymoon, place the UNREAD pieces of paper into the ornament(s), hang on your holiday tree, and on Christmas morning, open together as a couple and read. It will certainly give you clarity about the season and allow you to reflect once again on your very special wedding day!


Until next time...WEDologize!

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's In The Clutch

Now that your wedding gown is ordered, you are on the hunt for those fab accessories to accent your dream dress. Of course your first thoughts are the veil, shoes, jewelry and undergarments, but what about the bag you will carry your personal items like lip gloss, breath mints, etc. Instead of the satin money bag, who's usefulness is for collecting cards, what about a glamorous, but dainty clutch.

Clutches also make awesome attendants gifts. And for the more contemporary bride, consider adding a fresh flower to the clutch and have your bridesmaids carry the that instead of a bouquet.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's National Chocolate-Covered Day!

According to my Twitter buddies, M&M's, it is National Chocolate-Covered Day!!! In honor of strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, apples, and Oreo cookies all over the world...dip them into chocolate, add sprinkles and nuts...then INDULGE!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Little Holiday Decor

I was given a beautiful floral and evergreen centerpiece from one of my favorite florists, Bob owner of Rosemary's Garden in Tinley Park, Illinois, and the fragrance it has left in the house has finally put me in the holiday spirit. In wanting to think of some festive party and wedding ideas for the season, I found these pretty cool ideas to decorate for the holidays using evergreens...whose tree foliage stays green throughout the year.

Until next time...WEDologize!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Honeysuckle for 2011!!

It has been announced by Pantone, color authority for the fashion and home industry, that Honeysuckle will be the color of 2011!!! Now being the mother of a little girl who loves "pink", we are too excited.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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Christmas Ornaments Aren't Just For The Tree

As I'm starting to warm up to the holiday season and accept the fact that Christmas is around the corner, I take notice of all the gorgeous Christmas ornaments throughout the stores. In wanting to be the planner offering advice on how to plan a wedding on a budget, I've planted some suggestions on how to use holiday ornaments to accent your ceremony and reception. So head on out to those after-Christmas sales and purchase all the ornaments you can!!!

A snowflake ornament attached to a wedding invitation or given as a wedding favor.

A whimsical spin on a bride or bridesmaids bouquet using ornaments, crystals and tulle.

Loving the ornament escort card holders that also double as a wonderful favor.

A pretty low centerpiece incorporating ornaments and flowers.

...and you've gotta love what Martha Stewart did with tissue paper decor and ornaments. Can you imagine this hanging over a guest table or framing the dance floor.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Wedding Jacket Swag

Sooooo...the 1st snow has come to Chicago and I immediately thought of bride's taking photographs outside and the need to cover up their arms from the winter chill. The strapless look for wedding gowns and attendants attire happens to be the most popular style, but the air indoors and outdoors can take a fun night down very quickly if the ladies are cold.

Of course, I'm sure the groom will allow his lovely bride to wear his tuxedo jacket, but I had a little something different in mind. Consider adding a jacket, bolero, shrug or wrap to your wedding day attire. Both trendy and fabulous, these "shoulder and arm covers" can add pizazz to the simplest wedding gown or a punch of color for that saucy bride.

And any of these styles would wear wonderfully during the actual wedding ceremony in those churches that ask for the shoulders and back to be covered.

Until next time...WEDologize!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wedding Dress: To Belt or Not to Belt

My 10-week Wedding Planner Certification class of 8 concluded last night and for their final project, the students had to present a wedding based on a budget no less than $20,000, but no more then $60,000. And can I just say...I was simply blown away by their presentations! One of the ladies, Lindsey, actually created my dream wedding and she did an EXCELLENT job using the colors red and Tiffany blue, but what stuck out for me the most was how she added a belt to my simple, but elegant mini wedding dress.

We add this simple accessory to our everyday wear, so of course it just makes sense to add a belt or sash to the most demure wedding gown to make it speak even louder. Check out some of our favorite looks.

Until next time...WEDologize!
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