Monday, August 27, 2012

Personalizing The Wedding Day

I think it's so thoughtful and makes a wonderful beginning to one of the most exciting days of your life...when you can personalize an item that your fiancee' will be wearing or carrying as they walk down the aisle.  It becomes much more than a keepsake, but a memory that will last a lifetime.  Take a glance at some of the ways you can go further in personalizing your wedding day.

The groom writes a personal message to his soon-to-be wife

The bride writes (or sews) a personal message
to his husband -to-be

The couple writes a personal message to one another
and it's displayed on each of their chairs

Have an attendant deliver the bride a handwritten note the day of the wedding...
attached to a present, of course!

Prior to the wedding, the couple writes words (or phrases) about the good in each person
and they are framed and displayed at the ceremony or reception

Until next time...WEDologize!

(Photo credits - bride's shoes; groom's tie; chair frames; handwritten note; framed words of love)

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