Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Food and Beverage Wedding Carts

I'm always about adding something fun and whimsical to a wedding reception or event.  Something that your guests don't typically see everyday.  So when the dessert tables and buffets gained momentum, my clients leaped at the idea of designing tasty treats for their guests.  But how about putting a spin on those distinct buffet tables and stations...bring a cart into the space!  Yes a cart. On wheels. With a fun food. Candy. Beverage. Dessert.

Beverage cart for your bar or specialty drink
and it could include some tasty finger foods

In love with this wheel barrel of candies and nuts!!!

How fun is this pink old fashion cotton candy cart!

Don't go out to a hot dog stand. Bring the cart inside to your celebration.
This would make a GREAT late night snack!

And instead of a popcorn station, have a popcorn cart and containers!

But due to food ordinances, make sure to check with your venue to make sure this is allowed and where can it be placed (indoors or outdoors).  And should you really want to make this a DIY project, check out your rental companies to rent a cart and add your own "treats" to make your wedding and/or event more personalized.

Until next time...WEDologize!

(photo credits - wheel barrel; beverage cart; popcorn cart; hot dog cart; cotton candy)

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