Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding Budget Sleepers

When planning out your wedding budget, there are certain categories for you to consider.  And then there are those "hidden" amounts and extras that even the most savvy couple doesn't think about when planning out her initial budget for their dream day.  Consider the vendor categories below when planning your wedding weekend and pay special attention to the "DON'T FORGET" section.  Don't sleep...plan out your budget thoughtfully so you aren't hit with some of these surprises later.

Don't forget to include your clergy/officiant fee or donation

Don't forget to add tax and gratuity to the initial/minimum per person costs for food and beverage

Don't forget to include the cost of alterations

Don't forget to include the cost of postage and addressing the envelopes

Don't forget to include gratuity for the DJ and/or band members

Don't forget to include a vendor meal for the photographers and/or videographers

Don't forget to include bouts or corsages for the clergy, vocalists, hostesses and ushers

Don't forget to find out the amount of time needed for their set-up based on the amount of time provided by the ceremony and reception sites.  You may need to pay for additional staff to get the job done in time.

Don't forget to include gratuity which is typically 20%

Don't forget to include the extra charge for late night pick-ups, if applicable. Some venues will not allow rental companies to return the next day...they must return immediately after your reception has ended.

Don't forget to gift your parents for contributing with some of the expenses of your wedding day

Don't forget to include the costs of your hair and make-up trials

Don't forget to include staff gratuities and trip insurance

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Until next time...WEDologize!

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