Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Table Number Scavenger Hunt

Table numbers play a major role on your tablescape.  They let the guests know which table they are seated :)  And when plotting out your stationery designs for your big day, they are certainly an item that should be cohesive with the table design.  And believe me, there are more whimsical ideas on how to incorporate the table number than just a plastic number in a silver stand...the standard fair you'll see at most banquet locations.  That is what lead me on a table number scavenger hunt for the 2nd time to bring a host of ideas when designing your tablescape.  Check out some of my favs below:

Use table number tents fashioned after your invitation design
Add some playfulness to the design w/ different size fonts or spelling the number out
I especially love the idea of the number on the cap of the chair
Frame the table number and back w/ patterned paper
Give the number meaning like this couple did...they met on the 5th day

Chalkboard picks make fabulous table numbers for and outdoor or rustic affair
Consider trips you and your fiancee' have taken and name the table after that location
How about the tables show photos of the both of you at that particular age,
or places you plan to visit, and for the DIY bride, make them yourself with colored coil
Let the table number double as a centerpiece
such as the design seen using this table number wrap
Or make them yourself w/ translucent paper, ribbon and a votive candle for illumination

Until next time...WEDologize!

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  1. The idea using "growing up" photos of the couple is so meaningful...and would make great conversation starters at each table!

    1. That has to be one of my favorite ideas!

  2. Thanks for sharing my numbers Dez!



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