Monday, January 23, 2012

Stamps Have Gone Up Again!

Effective on Sunday, January 22nd, postage rates have increased once again. Gotta love this economy :)  See the details below as your move forward with your wedding stationery budgets.

Letters (1 oz.) are now 45 cents.  These stamps will be needed for your basic Save The Date and reply card envelope.

Letters (2 oz.) are now 65 cents.  These stamps will be needed to mail your standard size wedding invitation set, which include the invitation, reception card and reply card.
***Note: Square-shaped invitations and postcards will still cost extra.

Postcards are now 32 cents.

So if you have 44 cent stamps, you will need to apply a 1 cent stamp in order to receive it back in the mail.  Still, I always suggested to take your wedding mailing inside the Post Office to have it properly weighed to ensure your guests will receive their envelope.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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  1. Ok I am confused, so if I bought some forever stamps, I will have to put a 1 cent stamp on it? Why is that if they are forever stamps? I paid the regular stamp price for them?

  2. Sorry for confusing fault typing in hast. If you have Forever stamps, you are fine with the increase. If you have a stamp that reads 44 cents, you will need to apply a 1 cent stamp. I have since corrected the blog and I sincerely appreciate you catching my mistake :)



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