Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Than Just Candy

I've talked about the candy buffet in numerous posts during my blogging career :)  The first time being in July 2010.  But I realized that I was doing my readers a disservice by not giving you more on the anatomy of a candy buffet and suggestions as to how to expand the display with other tasty treats.

You first need to think about the PRESENTATION for your guests.  The best idea is to select a color scheme that blends with your overall color palette.  Dress the candy buffet table with nice linens that blends well with the guest tablescapes and use vases in different sizes and shapes...some with lids and some without.  But don't just limit yourself to vases, include platters and baskets to create height and drama.  And make sure to spice up the containers with tags, ribbons and embellishments identifying the names of the candies or desserts.

Now when selecting the CANDY offer your guests variety.  Having gummy, hard, soft, and chocolate candies ensure they will like at least one of the offerings on your candy buffet.  But be mindful, if your reception or event is outdoors, don't select candy that will melt.  That won't do anything for the look of your table :)  And if you really want to make your buffet shine, don't limit yourself to candy.  Add cookies, miniature cupcakes, macaroons, dessert shooters, marshmallows, cake pops, and/or fruit to your design.  Or should you really want a creative way to display your wedding cake, have it become the centerpiece of the candy table.

Last but not least, don't forget the UTENSILS such as scoops and tongs for your guests to collect their candy and the bags or boxes for your guests to hold all their treats.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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  1. Love all the colors and details!!

  2. Thanks so much, Katherine! I'm a dessert junkie!!!

  3. Thanks Lisa! I'm currently in love w/ cake pops and marshmallows :)



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