Monday, July 25, 2011

Holding The Bouquet

Brides spend plenty of time making sure the flowers that make up their wedding bouquet are just as perfect as their dream gown. But you want to make sure that you select the most flattering "holder" for your hand-tied wedding bouquet.

After alterations, you may have some material left over. Give that to your florist and allow them to make a wrap for your bouquet. Stones, similar to your gown, could be added as embellishments.

For the bride with an old Hollywood or vintage style, consider using a mussy tussy as a bouquet holder. This unique holder comes with a holder for the bouquet to sit in once the couple is seated at the reception.

For the bride who wants the stems exposed, consider a unique ribbon and brooch to add flair to your bouquet or dual colors tied in a unique design.

The jeweled bouquet cuff has to be my favorite and adds elegance and major drama to a beautiful wedding bouquet.

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