Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Icing on the Cake

Now that my birthday has passed, I'm on frosting overload from some tasty and beautifully decorated cupcakes! LOL! This has now become the inspiration for today's blog...talking about some of the icing (aka frosting) choices for wedding cakes.

Fondant - This icing has that smooth & stiff appearance that most bride's crave...but believe me...this icing doesn't taste the best. Although this covering can make some of the simplest cakes look glorious, ask your cake designer to add a little buttercream under the fondant for taste. Oh and if you are having an outdoor reception, this is the best icing for your wedding cake.

Buttercream - The yummiest of the icings in my opinion! Buttercream is a traditional icing that you see on wedding cakes, birthday cakes as well as cupcakes. It's rich and creamy, but will melt in extreme heat so this is a no-no for an outdoor reception...or you would need to bring the cake out right before the cutting ceremony.

Ganache - For the chocolate lovers, this icing is for you. Made of heavy cream and chocolate, when this icing is poured over a cake, it'll leave a glass-like chocolate finish. It also makes a wonderful filling and like buttercream, should not be left out in extreme heat.

Whipped Cream - The favorite of those cake lovers who don't want the icing too sweet. It's typically not recommended for wedding cakes because it cannot be left out for too long. But if you are looking for an extremely white wedding cake, this is the covering for you. It looks lovely when decorated with fresh flowers or pipped with detail using royal icing.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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