Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alter My Wedding Gown

Well now that my mini-vacation is over it's back to blogging! One of my bride's wedding gown came in and she sent me the pick of her in it...simply stunning! I asked her about alterations and that's when it hit about blogging about alterations for your wedding gown and your attendant's gowns.

I've had plenty of brides come to me after they learn of the costs of gown alterations and ask if I know a seamstress that can do it cheaper. My suggestion to them is allow the boutique where you purchased the gown be responsible for the alterations. Reason being, should something go wrong, they are liable for your gown while in their possession and will seek the appropriate channels to repair or even order a new gown. Plus, the seamstresses deal with gowns and these types of delicate fabrics all day. Once you take the gown from the store and seek an outside tailor to alter your gown, the bridal boutique is no longer liable.

Yes, alterations can be costly, but remember this is one of the most important days of your life and you want that gown to fit perfectly. The same should be true for the ladies standing up for you. Proper undergarments are key! When going for your initial fittings, make sure to have the undergarments and shoes with you. This will allow the seamstress to take the proper measurements and decrease multiple visits.

Should you decide to seek an outside tailor to alter your gown, make sure to ask the proper questions. I've included a few below:

Have your altered wedding gowns in the past?
Have you worked with this type of fabric before?
When can I expect the gown to be complete?
What liability will you incur should something go wrong?
What are the terms of payment?

Until next time...WEDologize!
(photo credits: - J Crew)

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