Monday, May 2, 2011

A Royal Opps!

Now that the Royal Wedding has now passed and Wills and Kate are moving along with their lives, we must too. But I will say this, I was one of the billions awake at 3am CST to watch the very moments of that beautiful, well-crafted day...BUT!

What were they thinking by using Post-it's on the guests chairs???? I was 100% mortified by seeing this at the wedding of the century! HELLO! Where was their wedding planner or was this a mere oversight??? Can't you see the person sitting in that seat now walking around with a post of their name stuck on their back?!?!?! Okay...enough venting.

I wrote a blog in January about reserving seats for the wedding ceremony - - this may have been a good one for the Royal's to glance at before assigning seats.

Regardless of how you assign guests their seats, it's always classy to have an usher or hostess escort them to their seat. Or should you want to let the guest know where they are seated before hand, include a "within this row" card inside of their invitation ensemble.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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