Monday, August 16, 2010

Restroom Please

In planning your reception, you should consider all the rooms that will be used for that 5-6 hours of fun and entertainment with family and friends. Hence the title, this includes the restroom. Throughout the planning process couples are always considering the likes, dislikes, and comfort of their invited guests based on their food and dessert selections, entertainment and look and feel of the space. Consider their feelings when they visit the 2nd most used location at the venue...the restroom.

Bathroom baskets are such a nice added touch in the restrooms of both men and woman. They contain condiments that are used everyday, but displayed nicely in some type of container in the restroom for guests to use at their leisure. Now this is one of those items that you can do yourself and customize based on color and a note for your guests. Below I've listed some items for you to consider as you create:
  • something to hold the items like a basket, decorative pail, box or tray
  • band aids
  • tampons
  • lotion
  • breath mints and gum
  • bobby and/or hair pins
  • lint roller
  • hair spray
  • dental floss
  • nail files
  • sewing kit
  • Static Guard, Shout Wipes of Tide-To-Go pen

Until next time...WEDologize!
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