Monday, August 16, 2010

As The Guests Arrive

When I start teaching Chapter 13 of LWPI's wedding planner certification course, I get so excited to discuss the "A6 Production"! No, I'm not going to discuss it within this blog (you've gotta take the class :), but I will share one of the "A's"...ARRIVAL.

How your guests arrive to your wedding ceremony or reception sets the tone of the actual wedding day. What they feel will evoke some wonderful emotions as they see friendly faces and smiles. Have ushers and/or hostess to greet your guests, pass out wedding programs and assist with seating. And if finances allow, consider some of the photos listed below to enhance your signature wedding day.

Think about placing custom signs along the parking lot or walkway pointing in the direction of the ceremony as a guide for guests.

Check out these beautiful feather banners from Wind Visuals framing the landscape leading up to the ceremony space.

Luminaries are so beautiful to see as you walk up the pathway leading to the church, venue or home where the I Do's will be held.

After guests have entered the space, what a creative idea of having a removable decal of your names and wedding date on the wall as guests sign the guestbook. Check out companies like Ten23 Designs for customized designs.

Until next time...WEDologize!



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