Monday, January 18, 2010

Here Cometh the Shoe!

I was just with a client on Saturday, as we were thumbing through the latest Get Married magazine, and she simply feel in love with a pair of purple shoes to wear with her fabulous bridal gown for her June wedding. Today's contemporary bride wants to add some color and pizazz to their wedding ensemble outside of wearing a colored sash around the waist or a jewel-toned brooch. Shoes, shoes, shoes!!! The Twenty-Ten bride is jumping all over the idea of wearing brightly colored heels (or flats) under their lovely wedding gowns. The pop of color will make you certainly stand out. Check out some of the styles below. I'm sure designs like these will have your groom smiling from ear-to-ear, especially if you have a reveal AFTER you say "I do"!

My client then went on the say, "How cool would it be to go on a date with my husband in some jeans and my wedding shoes!" I idea!

Until next time...WEDologize!

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Red shoes -

Fuchsia, Green and Purple shoes -

Turquoise shoes -

Navy shoes -

Yellow shoes -

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