Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cater To Your Guests (Pt.2)

One Monday's blog I spoke about different ways to spice of your reception menu. Today I plan to discuss the different catering service styles and the cost factors involved. Let's begin...

  • Sit-Down: Formal restaurant style service and the most traditional of reception services. Can become extremely costly based on your meal selection, especially if you have dual-entrees.
  • Buffet: Tables of displayed food where guests can serve themselves. This service is thought to be the least expensive, but don't be fooled. The chef has to prepare enough servings of each item since the guests make their food selection at the buffet table.
  • Food Stations: Multiple mini-buffets set up for the more contemporary bride who wants a modern and fresh look for their meal. You will need a lot of space for this style reception and is typically used for the less-conventional bride. GREAT idea for a cocktail reception.
  • Family-style: Seated dinner where the platters are placed on the table and guests serve themselves. The least expensive service of those listed, but make sure you use larger tables at your reception to accommodate the platters of food.
  • French Service: Staff will serve guests table-side from large serving dishes. Very costly because of the amount of staff needed.
  • Russian Service: Staff will hold the platters table-side while guests serve themselves. As mentioned in French service, very costly because of the amount of staff needed.
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