Monday, December 26, 2016

Day #26 - Catering Numbers

Planning for the meal you will be serving at your wedding reception is the 2nd most important process outside of booking the venue.  You need to have a budget in mind for your food and beverage and that is typically 40-50% of the overall wedding budget.  If you are going with a venue that requires you to hire an off-premise caterer, hire a company that is professional and has multiple menu options.

Below is a catering guide to follow for a 4-6 hour event:

Appetizers - 5-6 pieces per guest
Cocktail - 1.5 drinks per guest per hour
Cold drink - 1 drink per guest per hour
Entree - 1 serving per guest
Side dishes - 1.5 servings per guest
Wedding cake - 1 slice per guest
Cupcakes - 1.5 cupcake per guest
Cookies - 3 per guest
Candy - .5 cup per guest
Hot drink - 1 cup per guest
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Photo credit - Rush Productions
Info from Today's Bride Akron/Canton

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