Sunday, February 17, 2013

Staying On The Wedding Planning Track

When planning your wedding, it's a MUST to stay on track because procrastination and lack of focus can take over...or the dreaded BRIDEZILLA could kick in.  Check out some of the "stress-relievers" that could make the planning process flow a little better.

Once you get engaged...SET A REALISTIC TIMETABLE and BUDGET.  Your actual wedding date won't be set until you book your ceremony and reception location(s), but you can select the season, month and year you'd like to get married.  That will determine how long you have to plan this grand event.  Then have the uncomfortable conversation with your fiancee and family about the budget and how much each person can contribute.  It's extremely important to know the budget you are working with before you start planning your big day.

Not everyone you have ever known in life should be invited to your wedding.  Start working on your GUEST LIST as soon as possible because this list will drive a lot of the wedding planning process.  Remember catering and your bar will consume half of your wedding budget so be thoughtful when inviting family and friends.

Make a SEPARATE E-MAIL ACCOUNT for your wedding correspondences.  This way, e-mails won't get intermingled with your business and personal e-mails.  Plus as you begin planning, your e-mail account will become saturated with e-mails from vendors and other wedding-related messages.

Then of course, start interviewing PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PLANNERS to assist you with the wedding planning process.  A planners resources and skills will become invaluable as you move forward with your special day.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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