Monday, October 22, 2012

Perfectly Fit Wedding Gown

You will spend hours looking for the most perfect wedding gown to showcase your personal style and personality for the most exciting day of your life.  But once you have found your dream gown, there are alterations to consider.

When it comes to tailoring, make sure you budget at least $200-$500 for proper alterations and bustling.  And I'd suggest you allow the bridal salon's tailor to handle the fitting.  Once you remove the gown from the premises, it's yours to keep, and any "mishaps" from a non-professional tailor could have you looking for another gown.  Consider the brief timeline below for the perfect fit:
  • First Fitting - should occur approximately 3 months before the wedding.  Please bring your wedding day shoes and undergarments to this fitting so that the tailor can accurately pin the seems and hem.
  • Second Fitting - should occur approximately 1 month before the wedding.  If you have been dieting, make this the time goal date for your targeted weight because this is the last time the tailor can make any major alterations to your gown.
  • Third (Final) Fitting - should occur one week before the BIG DAY.  This is the visit for those last minute tweeks and final gown pressing.

Until next time...WEDologize!

(photo credit - Ven Sherrod Photography; Angelina Colarusso)


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