Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Take a Stand on Wedding Day

2012 for Dejanae Events had to be the year of outdoor wedding ceremonies!  I'm thankful for the GREAT weather we had each and every wedding we coordinated.  But the biggest challenge for most wasn't the weather...but the shoes sinking into the soft soil and running the bride and/or bridesmaids shoe heels.  So ask me the question, "how can this be avoided?"

I love this idea I found on Pinterest awhile back.  The bridesmaids are standing on "flat" stones just as poised as ever!  Oh and if there is any confusion as to wear to stand...follow the stones.

Or consider purchasing what I find to be the most fabulous product on the planet... Sole Mates!!!  These fabulous little gems cover the bottom portion of the heel.  So now you can stand firm and safely in grass, on uneven pavement, gravel...practically anywhere and they cost as little as $10.  Check them out at The SoleMates.

Until...Pin it and WEDologize!

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