Monday, October 24, 2011

A Thoughtful Reception Buffet

Having a buffet for your wedding reception is not a sign of being "cheap". Please realize that a buffet isn't really that less expensive than a plated dinner.  The chef has to prepare the same amount of food for all the guests because they do not know what they are going to plate when coming to the buffet.  The major decrease in cost comes from you needing fewer staff than when serving a plated meal. 

I have listed below some factors you should consider when host a buffet meal for your wedding reception:
  • Make sure their are servers to place the food on your guests plate. This allows for equal portions to be distributed, plus it's more sanitary.
  • Always have a double-side buffet.  This will alleviate the lines.
  • Ask the staff to excuse the guests for the buffet. Don't have the DJ announce over the microphone.
  • Pay for silver chafing dishes to hold the food.  For a wedding, pay the extra and eliminate the aluminum pans.  This will create a well rounded look for your dinner.
  • Have the flatware at the guests seat instead of having them struggle to hold their plate and silverware.
  • When selecting your centerpieces, don't forget to have the florist design a buffet piece or two.
  • Have your sweetheart or head table served by staff as well as the parent tables.Nothing is more unappealing than seeing a bride in her white gown walk though a buffet line.
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