Monday, October 17, 2011

A Nod To The Wedding Cake Stand

I'll say it again...the wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception.  It's the first item excited wedding attendees flock once they are allowed into the reception space. The linens for the cake table are always sorted out with such detail, but what about the "stand" the cake will be sitting upon?  Most cake decorators will place the cake on a silver or gold board, but if you want a little extra WOW factor for your delicious confection, consider some of the ideas below:

I simply love a custom created cake stand for the wedding cake!
Fabrics and embellishments can truly make a dramatic affect for the cake display.

Never forget the infamous cupcake tower,
but jazz it up not only with cupcakes, but other desserts or slices of cake.
A crystal pedestal allows for a beautiful and delicate display of your wedding cake.
You can also find similar designs ceremic or acrylic based.

A unique idea incorporating glass vases and flowers to hold the wedding cake.
May I suggest speaking with your baker before showcasing this idea to make
sure the weight of the wedding cake will not cause this display to collapse.

One of the most popular cake stand ideas you will see to display the wedding cake. 
These stands not only come round, but also square or oval and can also be found in gold.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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