Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lounging Around the Space

I love the addition of lounge furniture to the reception space. Typically done around the dance floor, in a corner sectioned off in the venue, or a separate room, this look can give the most traditional reception ballroom a splash of contemporary flair. But as you know, it could certainly be an expensive addition to your already tapped budget. Consider the following ideas to get that look you've dreamt about.

Speak with the venue about using their "waiting" furniture, especially if you are the only event in the space. See if they will allow you to move the furniture into the ballroom or rearrange it's placement in the foyer. And don't forget to tip the "movers" because this would be an additional job for the reception location.

Create your color palette with the furniture on location by adding some pillows in your color scheme to the chairs and couches. Or add a throw for a big punch of color to the unsightly furniture (or stain) to make it blend with your idea.

Should you not be able to rent furniture, consider renting tables and ottoman's. They are not as heavy and would be less expensive the move. Then you could blend them or place them within the furniture that is already at the reception venue.

Also, check out your local stores like Target and Walmart around "Back-to-School" season. College dorm furniture and tables have that simple look that could be easily decorated with some fabric touches and pillows. But the best benefit, it's on sale ;)

Last, ask the venue if they have any older furniture on location that they'd be willing to bring out of storage...or course for a fee :)

Until next time...WEDologize!

(photo credits: www.tothegathering.blogspot.com; www.nyeventfurniture.com; www.projectwedding.com; www.darinfong.com)

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  1. Great points to consider...and a gracious gesture to wedding guests!



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