Monday, August 15, 2011

Favoring Your Guests

Although I have been finding a lot of couples making donations to their favorite charities in lew of guest favors, you still have the couples that love that tradition. My biggest suggest is keep it simple and edible! It's amazing how many keys chains and wine bottle stoppers I pick up at the end of the reception and give back to the couple along with their other packed items. But an edible guest favor...WOW...all you see are empty wrappers on the tables. Consider some of these unique suggestions:

Delicious organic truffles from Katherine Anne Confections...and her caramels are to die for, too!

How about Hot chocolate on a stick by

A Whoopie Pie by that I'm almost sure your guests will eat before they depart!

Caramel or chocolate-dipped fortune cookies from

Yummy bag of cotton candy from

And my fav absolutely has to be cake bites! Check out my newest Twitter fans of My Cake Bite'll love them!

Until next time...WEDologize!

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  1. Thanks for giving us a shout out...not sure why the link didnt work but you can fine MY Cake Bite Delights @ You can also email us at



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