Monday, August 8, 2011

Blending Families

I was involved with a wedding yesterday and was so inspired by the involvement of the couples children. Many couples are merging families and the adjustment for the child can sometimes be difficult. With all the wedding planning, they can feel left out and it's very important to make them feel included during the planning process and on wedding day.

I've listed some suggestions below that just might help alleviate the "sad face":

  • Allow the child to be involved in a few of the planning meetings and give their opinion.

  • Give the children perimeters, but allow them to select their attire for wedding day.

  • During the unity candle lighting or sand ceremony, have the child join you both at the altar and make them apart of this important ceremony.

  • Ask the children to come the altar before the pronouncement of husband and wife, and ask the minister to pronounce you as "Husband, Wife and Family".

  • During the ceremony, present the children with a loving token like a necklace or bracelet to show them they play an important role in the new family.

  • Include the children in the engagement photo session and display not only couple photos during the reception, but photos showcasing the "new" family.

  • Have a kids table with goody bags and treats during the reception.

  • Until next time...WEDologize!

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