Monday, January 17, 2011

Really?! Shooters for Dessert!

I've come across my 1st bride for the 2011 wedding season that does not like cake. Now I've informed her that I still plan on cake tasting on her behalf, but will come up with an alternative for her dessert after the entree. A fake wedding cake will be involved for the cake cutting ceremony, plus one of my newest loves...dessert shooters. These yummy little shots of heaven typically contain crumbled cake, a pudding or whipped cream, and fresh fruit stacked inside of a shot glass.

Can't you see it... Your guests are seated, feeling good after that GREAT entree you provided, and now comes out on a dainty saucer with a cute little spoon to match - a dessert shooter reminiscent of you and the groom's favorite dessert. Watch for the smiles after first the sloooooowwww bite!

Until next time...WEDologize!


  1. Yes, I've seen these scrumptious-looking shot glass treats at events in the last year. Would be perfect for large, complex events like a wedding--no slicing and serving needed!



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