Thursday, January 20, 2011

Corsage Briefing

As you begin meeting with florists to plan out and order your personal wedding flowers, consider the women that will be wearing corsages. What is a corsage? It's a small cluster of flowers constructed to be worn on the wrist or pinned on a garment. Who wears a corsage? The mother's of the bride and groom, the grandmother's of the couple, special relatives who may or may not walk during the ceremony, readers and hostesses.

When considering your floral budget and desired look:
  • Note that the flowers used for corsages do not have to match the bridal bouquet.
  • Ask your florist to mark what corsage belongs to who so that distribution can run smoothly.
  • Last, make sure not to select flowers so large that it looks like a garden growing from your mother's wrist or out of her gown.
Until next time...WEDologize!


  1. Such sage advice! Sounds like you've encountered some corsage "bloopers" in the past?

  2. Yes, I have...people left off the list and i've had to make corsages right before the ceremony began to please and unhappy bride :) Wow! What fun!!



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