Monday, January 24, 2011

Engaged and Display

Now that you have hired your wedding photographer, it's time to schedule that engagement session. I have always heard from photographers that the session is more beneficial for them than the couple. Now of course, you get to have fun on film as a couple, but the shooter gets to learn your mannerisms, good and bad, so that he can capture your wedding day to the fullest. But what can you do with those photographs after they are edited, ordered and delivered to you? Instead of purchasing individual shoots or a book to leave at home, consider a display of your engagement session at the wedding reception. And below are some unique ways to do just that.

Have your favorite engagement photo framed and on display at the entryway of the reception.
Allow your guests to sign a matte around your framed engagement photo. Or create your own signage board showcasing several engagement photos. Either version can later be displayed in your new home for years to come.

And my fav just happens to be creating an album of all your favorite engagement photos and turn it into a guest book for your guests to sign as they enter into the reception. What a wonderful token to have after the wedding.

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