Friday, June 6, 2014

Planning For An Outdoor Ceremony

I have planned numerous outdoor ceremonies and receptions during my career, and for 2014 the DE Team is spending a lot of time outdoors with our couples.  When considering an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, their are some major things to take into consideration...outside of having a Plan B.  Check out the list below:
  • How many people can the outdoor ceremony and/or reception accommodate?
  • What time of day will the ceremony be held?  The reception?  Asking these questions will determine if you need specialty lighting.
  • What kind of foods will be held at the reception and how will they be served? Buffet-style?  Plated?
  • What types of flowers and decor will enhance the "space".  Many flowers can't hold up well in direct sunlight, so select hardy flowers.
  • Make sure your photographer knows the ceremony and/or reception will be outdoors.  He or she may need specific equipment to make sure the photographs come out correctly.
  • What is the venues back-up plan in the event of rain?
  • Will the lawn be treated for pesky bugs and mosquitoes?
Until next time...WEDologize!

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