Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lucky #13 for Dejanae Events!

Today I'm so excited to celebrate 13 years as a wedding & event planing company...7 of them which have been full time in this entrepreneurial arena!!!  There have been plenty of ups and downs but certainly more smiles than tears.  And as I reflect, I wouldn't change a single, solitary thing because each experience has given me the armor needed to sustain in this industry.

Dejanae Events is my baby...literally...a company I created on April 23, 2000 and named it after my only child a couple years later.  My story is unique because I started this business with less than $500 and a huge dream of convincing my peers that they needed someone to help with their upcoming weddings.  I didn't know what the name of this "person" was, but I felt it in my heart that their was a need.  It was almost a force that pushed me into this business.  So I researched, trained myself and made plenty of mistakes financially, professionally and personally along my journey.  And when I left Corporate American on June 22, 2006 to grow Dejanae Events full time...I have never looked back!  Not even once.  Today, I smile as a certified, award-winning wedding and event planner, author and educator with over 200 weddings and events under my belt.  Thank you God for my journey!

I also would like to thank each and everyone of my family members; friends; FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest followers; and each of my blog readers for your love, kind words and support over the years.  13 years down and plenty more to go!!!  This is just the beginning :)  Blessings!

"The ones who chase their dreams are the ones who accomplish them!  Never give up"

Until next time...WEDologize!


  1. Very inspiring! I know it can be done! Thank you Desiree for sharing your story! :-)

  2. Congrats on lucky 13 Dez... Great accomplishment!!!



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