Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CSW: Tradition - How to Plan a Cultural Wedding

Incorporating some of your cultural traditions into your ceremony and reception TRULY makes for  a signature wedding day and a wonderful experience for your family and invited guests.  Chicago Style Weddings invited me to give some advice on how to make your wedding unique and meaningful by celebrating your cultural heritage.  Take a look:

"There are things that are going to happen at every wedding, but if there's a cultural component to the event then you've got something special," says Desiree' Moore Dent of Dejanae Events. "Everyone will have rings, vows and cake. But it's your cultural traditions that make it special."

"Start by talking to your family," says Dent.  "Because there is going to be someone who has experienced those cultural aspects and can give you an idea of what to do." "Talk to them about what they've done in the past with incorporating cultural traditions into a ceremony."  "It's the idea of seeing the traditions and rituals they [parents] did in their ceremony passed on," says Dent.  "They would like to see their son or daughter experience the same thing."

The phrase "tying the note" comes from "an African wedding custom. At some point during the ceremony, the bride and groom would be joined together with plaited grass and their union blessed," says Dent. "Today, this custom can be seen in almost every ceremony through the bride and groom joining hands during the ceremony and holding hands as they exit as husband and wife."

"Whatever traditions you choose to integrate unto your ceremony, be sure to offer information to guide your guests through these customs."

"At receptions, traditions usually come into play with food," says Dent, who points out that your culinary heritage will help add to the signature of your event.  "It will linger on their minds a little longer than the standard fare."

You can view the entire article and others in Chicago Style Weddings eMagazine at http://www.chicagostyleweddings.com/emagazine.aspx.

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