Monday, June 28, 2010

When Home is the Venue

I have a couple that changed there ceremony & reception venue in the middle of the planning process from a banquet location to a family home. Since the dynamics have changed, we need to consider a few more things "When Home is the Venue"...budget being the first.

It's thought that having a wedding at home will be less expensive, but you need to make sure your guests are comfortable, which in a lot of cases can be more costly than expected. First, you need to think about the layout of your home and yard for such a grand event. What are the space limitations for a ceremony, cocktails, dinner and dancing? Can everyone fit comfortably inside the home or will you need to rent a tent? Plus a venue will give you tables, chairs, china, stem and flatware, dance floor and lighting, all of which you will have to rent for your event. Make sure your hired vendors, especially the caterer and DJ are willing to visit the location so they can learn the logistics and what additional items they may need for the space.

I'm not trying to discourage home events. The intimacy and warmth can make your guests feel so welcomed! Plus you don't have to compete with other events and food and beverage minimums, in most cases, become obsolete. But make sure you hire the proper help, especially a coordinator, to assist you in planning a fabulous, well-thoughout event.

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