Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not Cake Walk...Cake Talk

In selecting that beautiful piece of art to be on display at your wedding reception, there are some important cake terms you should know when meeting with a cake designer. Outside of thumbing through bridal magazines and surfing the web for that fabulous cake photo, you must consider your budget when make your cake selection because YES, that jaw-dropping cake that has caught your eye...just might be the jaw-dropping cake that will blow your budget out the water!
FRESH flowers vs. SUGAR flowers -
If you don't remember anything else, fresh flowers are much less expensive than sugar flowers. Reason being is that the caliber of time and energy that goes into creating a sugar flower so that it looks like a live flower is a talent in itself. And the steps it takes to create one flower, let alone a casade of flowers, can be daunting...but none the less amazing when compared to a fresh flower. Should you want sugar flowers for your wedding cake, use them in moderation so that you don't cap your budget.

Buttercream frosted cakes are far less expensive than fondant cakes. But know that buttercream, although better in taste, does has it's limitations. It is not a good cake for an outdoor wedding reception because the heat can cause it to melt. It would need to be brought out right before the cake cutting ceremony happens. Also, that smooth look that you see on many cakes today is not created with buttercream. Those looks are actually created with fondant, as well as the sugar edible flowers and lot of the detailed work. But should you want the best of both worlds - the smooth outer texture and good taste - ask your cake designer to put a layer of buttercream frosting underneath the fondant. That way, when the guests pull off the overly sweet fondant, they still will have a tasty frosted slice of cake.

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