Monday, February 22, 2010

Answering Questions?

As a planner, I get asked certain questions from couples throughout the wedding planning process. But I love to get hit with those new questions that cause my mouth to twist...but I won't go into those on this Monday's blog : ) Below, check out some of the questions and answers to assist you as you move forward with your wedding planning process.

When should Save The Dates be mailed?
No later than 6 months before the wedding. Typically they are mailed within 6-9 months of the wedding date.

Is it "required" to have the same number of male attendants as female attendants?
No. Some times that just isn't possible so there is no need to start grabbing strangers to be in your wedding to have a balance number of attendants. The pictures will still look great.

Who gives the first toast at the reception?
The best man (or woman).

Who handles the clergy fee?
If you do not have a wedding coordinator, the best man (or woman) will give the fee to the officiant.

How do you cut the cake?
The groom's right hand should be over the bride's as you slice the first piece using the cake knife and remove the slice with the server. SIDE NOTE: Hold the press on smashing cake in each other's face. It's no longer funny and can be viewed by some as disrespectful.

In case of divorce, how are parents seated?
If they do not get along and are unwilling to sit together, the bride's mother will be seated in the 1st row and her father will be seated in the 2nd row. The same situation would happen for the groom's parents. I have had situations where we needed to seat the father in the 3rd row, but only in extreme situations.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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