Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wedding Tasting Goals

Depending on your venue, catering will either come with the price of renting the reception space or you will need to outsource a caterer.  Regardless of your decision, you should taste the food prior to serving it on wedding day to your guests. 

But what should you expect and what will you discuss at a tasting?

Well first, a tasting is just that...a taste. Do not expect to be served a full meal.  You will see the full presentation of the soup, salad, entree and possibly the hors d'oevures.  You may even get to sample the wines that will be served during dinner and cake should the caterer be providing the wedding cake. 

Next, bringing your entire family and friends to a tasting is not appropriate.  Most tastings can only accommodate 4-6 guests (couple and each set of parents).  Plus all those extra opinions will truly dull the experience.

Also, be very honest about how the food tastes.  That is the purpose of this meeting.  So if you feel it needs extra salt, let the chef know.  There are no repeats in wedding planning so you want to make sure you have voiced your opinion especially during the tasting.

Last, during your tasting experience, consider some of these questions:
  • Do you like the look of the food presentation?
  • Are hot dishes served hot and cold dishes served cold? 
  • How's the plating of the entree?
  • Are the hors d'oevures easy for your guests to eat?  
  • Do the courses make sense for the season?
  • When is the latest date you can make a change to the menu?
Until next time...WEDologize!

(repost from 2013)

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